social media tools

The technology tools that help us to do our jobs better and faster.

RestateMax is a Social Media Management Tool that makes brands to be more productive and efficient in planning, scheduling multiple social media postings across the major platforms, and analyze performances, all from one central hub for lead generation and engagement that convert to achieve the desired marketing goals. RestateMax is a social media campaign solution, all from one centralized hub across social media networks – Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube for scheduling and posting.

Dinetmail is an email marketing service that allows corporate brands to send high volume emails to opt-in subscribers with insightful reports for user engagement, click-to-open ratio, bounce/feedback rate and tracking individual contact response to the marketing campaign

TotaMention – Observe, monitor, and listen to what’s being said about a business or individual online and influence the conversation to gain a positive image. It monitors millions of web sources (social media, blogs, news networks, articles, reviews, forums, portals, etc.)