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Press Release Distribution and Syndication Package

We help our clientele to distribute and syndicate their press releases through a network of strategic partners.

The benefits of Press release distribution and syndication we undertake are as follows:

  • We ensure that  your news gets the recognition it deserves
  • You can reach audiences that were previously not attainable
  • Enable you to build an online presence and manage public opinions

As colleagues, we value press release distribution that is leveraged on our network of partners to reach out to journalists at hundreds of news and media sites to get the coverage your story deserves.

Comenskills’ online press release distribution and syndication services can support your marketing programs to achieve your organizational objectives. The hard work has been done for you by partnering with hundreds of the top news and media sites to spread your stories to gain more online visibility. What next? Contact us for the online distribution and syndicated press release package that will suit your campaign plan. We are waiting for your brief.

Our press release distribution and syndication package campaign covers these main areas:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • News Anchor PR Coverage
  • Maximum PR Visibility and
  • Video PR Visibility

For your next press release distribution and syndication with media assets campaigns for the launch a new product or service,  a new business partnership, a new hire, a contest, webinar/training/ speaking engagement, a new white paper/ebook/video and audio, lawsuit, sale and promotion, award and accolade, website/application launch or new features, a new client, reaction to news or current events, etc. contact us today.

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