We help our clients to place their newsworthy stories worldwide or to the select targeted country in front of the media, stakeholders, and the public who have opted-in to monitor news on different topics. Do you want to publish breaking news? Let’s help you distribute and syndicate your newsworthy stories to those who are hungry to share breaking news online, on local news publications, and on social media with additional benefit to go viral reaching millions of people. We help you upload your news directly into the daily streams of breaking news.  Our distribution channels reach thousands of journalists, corporate decision-makers, state officials, and the public

The benefits of Press release distribution and syndication we undertake are as follows:

  • We ensure that  your news gets the recognition it deserves
  • You can reach audiences that were previously not attainable
  • Enable you to build an online presence and manage public opinions

As colleagues, we value press release distribution that is leveraged on our network of partners to reach out to journalists at hundreds of news and media sites to get the coverage your story deserves.

Comenskills’ online press release distribution and syndication services can support your marketing programs to achieve your organizational objectives. The hard work has been done for you by partnering with hundreds of the top news and media sites to spread your stories to gain more online visibility. What next? Contact us for the online distribution and syndicated press release package that will suit your campaign plan. We are waiting for your brief.


We help our clientele to choose the right audience to target based on industry and the press release’s topic. Comenskills recommends the option to select up to 7 industries that represent the topic of your press release for a syndicated distribution. Our practice is to syndicate press releases and share them with our network of news and media sites based on industry category. Comenskills ensures that your news goes directly to the outlets that covers the industries your target readers patronize.


About SEO Press Release Syndication and Submission

Comenskills offers high profile multimedia press releases that can achieve high search engine visibility to gain online press hit by putting your message in front of the right people at exactly the right time. We combine the features which internet marketers, business owners, and journalists are craving through our network of partners online. Tap on our competences. We are waiting. Contact us now!

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