internal newsletters

We encourage our clientele to turn internal newsletters as one of the communication channels to inform the staffers about the company’s strategic plan and their roles to make it succeed. Events, milestones, social activities, news, interviews, customers’ feedback, etc. are published to inform and educate with the purpose of changing the staffers’ perceptions to align with the strategic goals.

We produce both offline and online newsletter professionally with sound editorial policy to gain the confidence of stakeholders. We recommend the production of two versions of the newsletter to our clientele namely print and digital. The digital version is distributed through email and flipbook hosted on Hfluana –  an online interactive digital publishing platform that publishes and convert e-Publication PDF files to flipbook and host.

The real intention of the internal newsletter is to turn the staffers as the company’s brand ambassadors using them to communicate its culture, create conversation, employee relationship improvement/customer relations, etc. Chat us up for your next production of the internal newsletter.