Every business requires an excellent online reputation to build trust leading to loyalty. The customer lifecycle marketing loop enables brand monitoring to uncover mentions – positive, negative, and neutral attributes of the brand that can lead to sales conversion and customers’ complaints resolution. Brand monitoring management begins with the knowledge of web crawling of reviews, comments, articles, blogs, forums, and conversations from varieties of social platforms that provides data with which to correct negative feedbacks. Attend to criticisms promptly before they turn to the crisis. That is not all. Brand monitoring is a great way to learn new product ideas and improvement, get to know key influencers, and convert to them as brand advocates. User support can enable a company to grow its business through feedbacks. Get insights into what competitors are doing online such as new product launch, test marketing with geolocation, ongoing promotion customers opinion, fake product reviews, a fake product from black marketers. etc.

Conclusively, it is not an option but a necessity to keep watch on the brand’s reputation online. Monitoring and managing the mentions manually are practically impossible. Automation solution offers, therefore, the only option to achieve efficiency in the monitoring and managing of  brand online mentions comprising the use of a mix of tools in sequential order as follows:  :

  • Social listening
  • Online Malicious Behaviour
  • Social Mention
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Industry Social Media Index
  • Business Insights – Sentiment and Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Social Index
  • Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Solution

The mix of these tools will help the organization, brand, and individual to manage online brand monitoring to achieve positive results.

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