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A webinar is an online seminar conducted over the Internet. In the past, I have run online events. Some of them lasting only one hour where people can register at a special link, show up live, I can train and teach them right in front of their eyes, and we could interact with each other right there on the call. This is called a webinar.

A webinar is the best way to present any kind of information. Why? Because the alternatives are to either write your information down or record them into videos ahead of time. When you’re on a live call, it doesn’t matter what niche, what subject, what topic you are presenting about, when you run a live webinar, you are the most excited about it at that point.

The audience can give you feedback so that you can adjust, you can have co-presenters, and the best part is that it’s all compressed into a one-hour pitch or training session.

A webinar is slightly different than a live stream because people can not only hear and see what you’re doing, they can respond in the form of a question as well. You can have your audience vote in polls, you can look at which members of your audience are paying attention and which aren’t, and know – at this point – I need to get to the more exciting stuff.

You have this attendance interaction. When you run webinars regularly, you will now have what’s called a “pulse” on your marketplace. It means you’ll know what kind of problems, fears, and frustrations your prospects have, what price they prefer to pay for different products, what their budget is, what their age is, simply because you have been interacting with them on a regular basis from the webinar.

On a webinar, you can get pumped up, get really excited, and you can even run a webinar with multiple people. When people present on your webinar, they are unmuted. When people attend your webinar, they are muted so you could potentially have a webinar with 500 people who can’t speak but they can listen. Maybe even five panelists, including you, who can chime in or be the presenter at any given moment. This means that you can literally have a complete training session that anyone can view at the comfort of their own home or in their workplace and it’s all done over the Internet on their computers.

This is something where you want to keep everyone’s attention and compress as much as possible into a one-hour session. Record it. Now, you can play it back over and over again. Put it on a physical DVD. Place it on a membership site. Now, you have presented your very own webinar.

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