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Whether you choose a Teleseminar or Webinar they are both viable means of getting information out to an audience that is eager to learn, as well as excellent methods for promoting products and services.

Which one is the best choice for your business is dependent on the needs of your business and how much money you have at your disposal to spend.

Why Choose a Teleseminar?

Teleseminars are relatively easy to plan and to execute. The presentation involves listening and not seeing. For this reason, all you need to be concerned about is that the content you choose is beneficial to your listeners and is entertaining and engaging enough to keep them listening.

It is also important that your voice is clear and strong so that every one of the attendees does not miss a word that is spoken.

When you host a teleseminar you open it up to a wider audience because the only equipment required is a telephone. Even in this modern-day, there are people who do not own computers.

There are also people who have computers but don’t know enough about how they work to attend a webinar. Teleseminars are very straightforward and simple for the average person to be a part of. That makes for part of their mass appeal.

If you put on a teleseminar the greatest cost to you will be the price of the phone bill. Most likely you will have to pay for long distances charges as it is unlikely that people will attend if they have to pay the hefty phone charges that come with it.

However, participants may be completely willing to pay a small registration fee to offset the money you will have to pay out on the phone bill.

Why Choose a Webinar?

Webinars cost more to put on and involve more time and preparation but they have the added advantage of the visual presentation. The information being taught through a webinar can come by way of what is seen as well as what is heard. This means that more of the senses are being utilized and can make for a better overall experience.

Webinars make it possible for those in attendance to be active participants in the material that is coming their way. An individual who attends a webinar can watch the live transcript and can type questions that relate to it for further clarification.

Hosting a webinar can be a little more expensive than a teleseminar because of the technology that is required however it is very budget-friendly in other respects. For example, a webinar can take place in an online chat room where people from all over the globe can be a part of it without having to worry about paying extra for this or that.

If there are any reference and/or printable guides or material that accompany the webinars these can easily be viewed online for free and downloaded from a webpage.

Both teleseminars and webinars have their good points. It is important to think ahead to possible problems that could arise with connectivity as this is a very real concern for both.

Teleseminars tend to be best suited for smaller groups of people and for shorter periods of time while webinars are better for a larger group of participants over a longer period of time.

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