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There are a couple of routes you can take when you want to run some kind of training course. You could always go the old fashioned way, and rent out a hotel conference room, hope people buy, and travel to your event or you can now run that event online using what’s called a webinar. I believe you should strongly consider running a live webinar instead of a live seminar because there’s less expensive, you can provide a lower cost to your customers and it’s easier to make and use recordings of that event.

Running a seminar can be pretty stressful. You have to pay money for your own flight and hotel room, you have to rent out a conference room, get a cameraman, all the while hoping enough people buy to at least cover your costs and the time put in for traveling and presenting. On the other hand, running a webinar is extremely low cost and to just run a single event, is basically free. That means, you’re already making a profit, when your first couple of buyers roll in, which removes the pressure on you.

You also get more buyers using this technique because you don’t have to charge $500, $1,000, or $2,000 in order to sell seats. You could run a webinar and sell tickets for $50 or even $100 for just a day or a weekend. This means it’s a lower cost, and an easier offer for people because they don’t have to pay for flights, hotel rooms and spend all that time traveling. They pay for access to a normal computer and now connect to your streaming presentation.

Finally, it’s easier to record a webinar, than to record a teleseminar. And let me explain. When you run a webinar, you have to hire a camera person, worry about the lighting, the audio, and if the camera person is any good. On the other hand, when you record a webinar, you just hit the record button and it records your screen. This makes it a lot easier to guarantee you have a decent recording to re-package into DVDs, video for a membership site, or even sell the transcripts if not all three. And that is my argument for running a streaming, live, online webinar instead of a typical upline seminar. There’s less expensive for you, less expense for your customers and you have an easier time reusing and re-purposing the recording.

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