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Teleseminars can be terrific moneymakers. And chances are, you’re probably familiar with the three regular ways to earn an income with teleseminars:

  • Charge for access
  • Use your events to promote a paid product of some kind (which could include your own paid teleseminar series or an affiliate product)
  • Turn your teleseminar into a product and sell it, usually bundled with transcripts and a worksheet.

But that’s just the beginning.

There are quite a few additional possibilities. Let’s look at five out-of-the-box ways to make more money with your teleseminars:

1) Turn your teleseminars into articles and books

A teleseminar is usually filled with valuable information. Why not have it transcribed and repurpose the result. You can excerpt quite a few articles that you can publish in article directories, and use them as lead generators to get more people onto your list.

You can also turn the transcripts into a book, either an ebook, a Kindle or Nook book or even a physical book. If the teleseminar isn’t quite long enough for a physical book, just create a series of teleseminars and combine them into the book manuscript.

2) Create home study courses

If you want to create a product with a higher perceived value, why not assemble a whole series of call recordings, possibly with transcripts and worksheets, and turn them into a home study course.

You can easily sell that from your website, from the back of the room.

3) Package them into “Best of” sets

There’s an additional way to monetize your teleseminars. Just assemble them into “Best of” sets, or maybe themed sets. You can sell them easily – or even use them as a valuable bonus for a higher-priced course or coaching program.

4) Create teleseminars in advance (and use them over and over again)

Who said you had to have a live audience to do a teleseminar. Why not just get on the phone when inspiration strikes you, and create a recording. Depending on the teleseminar or webinar service you’re using, it’s very easy to create these events in advance, and then schedule them to run again and again during scheduled times.

You won’t even have to be there if you’re not planning to have a Q&A session. Not only that, but you can host that same teleseminar over and over again, making money with the back end, and building your list.

5) CD-of-the-month club

You can also turn your teleseminars into physical CDs with a service such as Kunaki, and set up a subscription program where your subscribers will receive a CD each month, possibly along with a transcript and/or a printed newsletter.

As you can see, there are many ways to turn teleseminars into extra cash. Why not pick one or two and get started.

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