There are a couple of routes you can take when you want to run some kind of training course. You could always go the old fashioned way, and rent out a hotel conference room, hope people buy, and travel to your event or you can now run that event online using what’s called a webinar

Hosting a Dynamite Teleseminar

November 12, 2020 Admin

Give teleconferences on a regular schedule so your prospects and clients can get in the mindset of attending them as part of their weekly schedule. The more you do this the more they will keep you in mind as a priority.

A webinar is an online seminar conducted over the Internet. In the past, I have run online events. Some of them lasting only one hour where people can register at a special link, show up live, I can train and teach them right

Creating any learning product is an exercise in egotism. Not that bad egotism that is displayed as a form of bragging. But the good egotism where the quality of the product is a direct reflection of the importance of the subject and the pride the creator takes in his or her creation.

What To Do With A Webinar Replay

November 12, 2020 Admin

By now I hope you’ve attended what’s called a webinar which means that you register for an online event for a specific date and time, show up, and an instructor shows their screen and presents something with their voice.

How To Run A Webinar Step By Step

November 12, 2020 Admin

If you’re looking to teach more people, reach more customers, or make more sales, you can do that using a live webinar which means that you stream your desktop screen and your live voice speaking out into a microphone over the Internet.

Whether you choose a Teleseminar or Webinar they are both viable means of getting information out to an audience that is eager to learn, as well as excellent methods for promoting products and services.

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