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We help our clients to place their newsworthy stories worldwide or to the select targeted country in front of the media, stakeholders, and the public who have opted-in to monitor news on different topics. We also help them to build and shape the perceptional relationship between their brands and the target market in a positive manner to earn their trust consistently in line with the corporate objectives using technological tools.


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Public Relations Planning

We help our clientele in the Public Relations planning process from the situational analysis through to formulation, implementation, and control of the organizational strategic plan.

Online Press Release Distribution and Syndication with Media Assets

We help our clientele to distribute and syndicate their press releases incorporating media assets through a network of strategic partners to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness from the budget spend with proven results.

Reputation Management

At the instance of our clientele, we monitor and listen to what’s being said about them online and influence the conversation to gain a positive image.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

We develop an action plan for a corporate entity’s stakeholder relationship management to gain a favorable positive image.


Press Release Distribution and Syndication Model

The press release with the media assets increases the online visibility of a brand and provides backlinks that are valuable to the website as part of an SEO strategy. We recommend regular issuance of a press release to maintain a presence in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). A press release content that is relevant and newsworthy can catch the eye of journalists and get picked up by top news sites. Our online press releases usually contain built-in multimedia, social media, and search engine optimization features to invite attention. Our model follows a sequence starting with the reach anticipation, targeting, monitoring, and analytics that delights the customers for goals attainment.

We ensure that the content of our clientele’s press releases is newsworthy and informative and distributed and syndicated to thousands of media outlets to create awareness and publicity for their brands with optional global and regional penetrations.

Submitting a press release with media assets for distribution and syndication expands online reach to achieve high rank in search results on search engines and capture massive traffic for lead generation, and engagement that converts to the desired goals.

At the instance of our clientele, we target press release distribution and syndication incorporating media assets to the desired area of coverage – local, regional, and global for pickup by journalists for maximum visibility to achieve their goals.

We monitor the reactions of mentions on the web and social media of the press release and know who said what, identify influencers, and sentiments behind the stories. We also listen to what is being said, engage the audience, and use the share of voice and tone of voice including competitors’ reviews for planning purposes.  We use reports in analytics to empower quality decisions.

Get in touch with us concerning your next press release distribution and syndication campaigns for the launching of a new product or service,  a new business partnership, a new hire, a contest, webinar/training/ speaking engagement, a new white paper/ebook/video and audio, lawsuit, sale and promotion, award and accolade, website/application launch or new features, a new client, reaction to news or current events, etc.

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